EDA Ranch was built 25 years ago by owner Earl Douglas Ancker.  Earl has been in the construction business over 50 years and has built hundreds of businesses and residential buildings.   He fell in love with Montana, and brought 120 acres to build his dream surrounded by mountains and wilderness.  Now on 49 acres, he built 3 cabins, and 2 suites in the lodge that he shares with guess from all over the world.

The lodge which is Earl’s home is approximately 6000 sq feet of living, and he has a tower that is 71 feet high, tree top level.  What a view from the tower.  On the website there is a video about how the lodge was built, in hopes that people will enjoy seeing all the hard work, put into EDA Ranch.

Over five years ago Earl, met Wrangler Vickie, and invited her to bring horses, and to start a horse program on EDA Ranch.  With Wrangler Vickie’s credentials and experience, it has been a great ride.  In 2012 EDA Ranch host it’s first spring and fall cattle drive.  It was an awesome experience, and the guest left with a complete satisfaction of being part of a western tradition.  Wrangler Vickie’s credentials: trail/wrangler over 8 years experience.  Wrangler certification  from Swan Mountain Wilderness Guide School, Wilderness first aid certification, adult first aid/CPR/AED certification,  and Certified riding instructor (CHA).   On January 2017, Wrangler Vickie became part owner of EDA Ranch/Lodging with Earl.

EDA Ranch/Lodging is the place for relaxing, a romantic getaway, seeing wildlife, fishing, and breathing in fresh mountain air.   The wilderness atmosphere is so soothing to the soul and very therapeutic.

Hope to see you all real soon!

So give us a call to make reservations at EDA Ranch/Lodging in Eureka, Montana.